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Napronet (PVT) LTD is ISO 9001-2015 & GMP Certified export company established in 2016 to build an international market for coir¬† fiber base products under the policy “Quality better than Qunatitiy”

Our Product Range

Eco-Friendly Coir Pots

Crafted from coconut fiber and natural rubber latex,
these eco-friendly pots are perfect for planting. Pair them with our coir
compost discs for a thriving garden!


Made from coconut husk compost, these handy garden products come in discs and bricks. Just soak them in water to expand, and they'll give your garden a nutrient-rich boost!"


Coir Mulch Mat, also known as Coir Weed Control Mat, and Tree Mats, is crafted from natural coconut fiber and latex. It shields new plants from weeds without harmful herbicides, promoting eco-friendly, weed-free gardening.


Introducing our premium pet care products, crafted from natural coir fibers for reptiles and cats alike. Our litter items offer superior moisture control and odor absorption without harmful additives.

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Contact in SriLanka

Mr. S.D Siripala,
Managing Director,
Napronet (Pvt) Ltd,

Contact in Germany : Pokugiardini

Miss. Franziska Kuprat,

Contact in Italy : Pokugiardini

Mr. Salvatore Pomilio,

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